Film: Lars Mullback are Honorary Conductor


Lars Mullback appointed Honorary Conductor at a grand gala in Budapest December 2016.


600 invited from all over the world attended the ceremony, when Lars Mullback were honored with the academic title: Honorary Conductor at the University College, the Peto Institute in Budapest, Hungary.

    Mullback received the nomination for his films and books about conductive education, which has increased the understanding for the needs of the neurologically injured and improved health care for this group in Sweden and worldwide.

On Sunday evening December 11, 2016 was Lars Mullback awarded the academic honorary distinction: Honorary Conductor. The ceremony was a part of the Ninth World Congress on Conductive Education.

– I am very happy, says Lars Mullback. I have previously received quite a number of cultural prizes for my work, but this is the first time, in my 20 years of involvement in these issues, my work were highlighted academically. It feels really great and important.

Lars with his wife Anette
Lars with his wife Anette

Among others prizes you have previously received the Intelligence Price (from the must respected media group in Sweden, Bonniers) and one of the films were rewarded as the best European documentary at the Berlin Film Festival. Why is this better?

– People with neurological damage is often very severely disabled and usually strapped, stuck in their wheelchairs, just to make it easier for the community and families to care for them. In my films and books, I try to show these severely injured children and adults as people, human beings, in need of movements and experiences, like all other people.

– My cultural awards shows, continues Lars Mullback, that I succeeded in highlighting the humanity of these very seriously injured people. But an academic award confirms that also the scientific world are beginning to realize the human needs of these people. It is the science that controls what care we will get. Therefore, I hope this academic attention, will lead to developments in health care, education and social service. We need not only care or treatment, but also support to be able to experience life and grow into individuals.

bild-pa%cc%8a-bildWhy do you say, you?

– Well, I myself have a grave neurological cerebral palsy and is the first disabled to receive this honorary title, but it’s probably not because of my injury I got the title. I have dual academic bachelor degree, has been editor author for two books for the EU Commission on the subject and I have owned and operated an institution for neurological injury, with 24 hour care and service.

– It’s so easy when you have a severe disability, concludes Lars Mullback, that you only are reduced to the injury, seemed as the idiot, the moron, in the twitching and warped body. But I am a human too, with knowledge, insights and needs for the experiences of success and failure. I want to show this in all my work and I hope that this academic Honorary Title, leads the science to sees us with neurological problems as people with life-long injuries. We need help and special education to learn to live with these injures. We are not sick to be cured, wherefore treatment and care are not enough.