University education:

3 different university degrees and Academic professional titles:

  1. Cultural studies, University of Gothenburg
  2. Drama pedagogue, University of Gothenburg
  3. Film director, Dramatic Institute, Stockholm
  4. Honorary Conductor, Petö András College, Budapest, Hungary

In addition, university courses in Swedish and psychology.

A total of 300 old university / higher education credits, which correspond to 7 and a half years full time studies.

Professional activities within Conductive Education (CE)

Between the years 1995 – 2000 produced and directed 7 documentary films for Swedish and international television about Conductive Education (CE, wrote a popular science book on CE, which has emanated from my own experiences as an adult with cerebral palsy meeting CE in adulthood, a case study.

During the period I did extensive research on the subject and visited CE activities worldwide. Projects funded by TV 4 in Sweden and the Swedish Film Institute as well as Swedish national television, SVT.

The period 1997 – 2003 very active period as opinion leader and lobbyists to get CE to an established treatment option in the Swedish system of habilitation and rehabilitation.

As advisor I helped 4 activities CE to start in Sweden, and published many articles on the subject. My work and effort is described in the doctoral thesis, ”Habilitation in Focus” of the PhD in Social Work Ulla Bohlin at the Dept. Social Work, Lund University, 2009.

Between the years 2000 – 2003 owned and operated; Mullback Institute (MI) as operations manager. A treatment centre for neurologically impaired, with CE as a processing concept, with 10 care places and round the clock service.

In autumn 2003 was Mullback Institute sold to Bräcke Diakoni. (Bräcke Diakoni has since 1958 been a leader in Sweden within habilitation services for neurologically disabled and within training and development of staff). Sale of MI was a big step in the lobbying work, to get the CE established in Sweden.

Between the years 2004 – 2007, prohibited to work for CE because of the sales contract with Bräcke Diakoni.

2009 was a new documentary made for TV 4 in Sweden with Bräcke Diakoni as co-producer. This documentary was about the development of CE, where the Nobel Prize winner in Medicine; Arvid Carlsson participated and explained how CE is operating from a neurological perspective.

From 2010 and still running, advisor to Move & Walk Sweden AB.

Move & Walk is the only major business in the world, outside the Petö Institute, which has only qualified conductors who conducts the whole business, in these working areas; health care, school, social service daily living. This gives the Move & Walk a qualitative special status in the CE world.

The work for Move & Walk was, among other things, to the coordinate a Leonardo partnerships and participates in two other partnerships for Grundtvig and Comenius within Lifelong Learning program for the European Commission.

Professional activities generally

I haves since 1984 been running my own businesses, first in the cultural sector as a literary author and lecturer as well as a film director, screenwriter and film producer.

During the 1980s and 1990s, freelance journalist at newspapers and television

In addition also run and owned three restaurants and been a shareholder in a sales company for wind turbines.

Right now I run and own

  1. A consulting firm (legal form, sole proprietorship)
  2. An assistance company, approved by the the National Board of Medicine (legal form; Limited company, Ltd)

Cultural achievement

Directed and written the script for the following projects:

  • 1 feature film for cinema
  • 30 TV films (also produced)
  • 4 dramatisations for Radio
  • 1 full-length theatre (also set design, production management and architectural design of a permanent theater building)
  • 60 children’s theatre productions, as drama teacher

As author

  • Written 3 novels
  • 1 autobiography
  • Held 900 lectures in schools and associations, and businesses
  • Editor for 2 books about CE


18 national and international prices and awards for cultural achievements. Including: Best TV documentary film in Europe, at the festival in Berlin 1996.


I ware born in 1961 with cerebral palsy that makes it difficult to move. The disability can be seen particularly because indistinctly pronunciation and difficulty using the hands.

Civil status: married since 1998 and a daughter, born 1999.

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